Snug harbor presents STARDA's


             Stories of staten 


STARDA’S  2nd ANNUAL “Stories of Staten” event series is a celebration of the creativity and unity of Staten Island artists through music, visual art and fashion.  The 5-week series is a community partnership with the Smithsonian Affiliate, Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden focusing on inspiring, motivating and connecting the community through, “Stories of Staten”. Curated events by William “ STARDA” Perry (Hip Hop Artists, Songwriter, 25) and Charlie Rock (Drummer/Producer, 24). S.O.S. was made possible, in part, through the generous support provided by Council Members Debi Rose and Steven Matteo through the All Access Arts program.

This event series was inspired by the creation of STARDA's debut CD  " S.O.S.   STARDA of Staten "  EP.  Releasing April 2016, under music label W.A.R. Media.  

  Curated events by :           Charlie Rock (Drummer/Producer, 24)                                                  and                                          William “ STARDA” Perry (Hip Hop Artists, Songwriter, 25)     Photo Provided By :           Adam Smith Productions

Curated events by:           Charlie Rock (Drummer/Producer, 24)                                                  and                                         William “ STARDA” Perry (Hip Hop Artists, Songwriter, 25)

Photo Provided By:           Adam Smith Productions

to Check out Starda and charlie rock's freestyle in their "S.o.s: Stories of staten: exposure art gallery" with staten island advance*** Click HEre *** 

order your "komc: king of my city" tee shirt & Tanktop (as seen below) inspired by starda's KOMC single off of "s.o.s.  starda of staten" album releasing 2016

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 listen to starda's "king of my city" below

 Stereotype Co.

Stereotype Co.

   Special thanks to our incredible sponsors!!

                      April 9th- June 4th   |   Tuesdays- Sundays   10AM- 5PM   

               The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art   ( Building C )

                        "Exposure "   Art Gallery


Exposure Gallery welcomes Snug Habor's very first residents in the new Commons Gallery Space. Filling the walls with fresh and diverse art, all created by young Staten Island Artist. The art will be displayed from April 9th- June 4th 2016, free to the public.

Featured Artist:

-Erin Kilbane

-Arjuna Routte-Prieur

-Debbie Roxx




Sponsored By:


Get a glimpse of 2nd Annual  Stories of Staten opening day/ gallery ribbon cutting! Projectivity asked the SOS guest to speak about what about Staten Island inspires them. Click the video below to see what they had to say!!

"Projectivity had the honor of sponsoring a portion of the S.O.S. (Stories of Staten) series at Snug Harbor. We asked people to share their stories and tell us what inspires them. We our photographer and engineer capture the vibes from the day." - Projectivity 

Photos by: Staten Island Advance/Lauren Steussy

TO CHECK OUT this article OF THE "S.O.S. exposure art gallery" *** click here ***

 Staten Island Advance 

Staten Island Advance 

“The inspiration comes from Staten Island, and everybody I’ve ever met, everyone’s who ever helped me,” Perry said. “We all grew up around each other and we all inspire each other.”
— Staten Island Advance,


" Storylines"  The Fashion show

Featured Lines:

-Richmond Hood Co.



-G.R.E.A.T. Apparel

  Hosted by :


 Sponsored by :

Stereotype Co. & JMTMedia.

to check out all PHOTOS of the "S.o.s. Storylines fashion show" shot by Ray Gorbea visual productions ( as seen below)  *** click here ***  

to check out this article by Staten Island Advance on "s.o.s. Storylines fashion show *** click here ***

 Staten Island Advance

Staten Island Advance

Angelina Gorbea, a 14-year-old Sunset Hill resident, enjoyed her first fashion show ever, while taking pictures and interning with her professional photographer father Ray.

”The show was very good,” Gorbea said. “The outfits were diverse, but simple and the patterns had different styles.”
— Staten Island Advance,

                                                Snug HArbor Music Hall                            

     S.O.S.    BAttle of the bands


As part of the 5-week long series, the dynamic creative team present, Battle of the Bands  Staten Island bands will be given the opportunity to battle for the number one spot. Each band will perform their best two songs for the S.O.S. judges and crowd in the historic Music Hall. Winner will receive a custom press package for their bands next project, as well as free studio time to record a demo in Moon Studios.  

Judges :

Charlie Rock, Anthony Gonzales, and Henry Falco  

Hosted by :

DJ Grayson of WCBG Radio

Sponsored by :

Moon Studios  

to check out this article by the staten island advance on "s.o.s. battle of the bands" *** click here ***

 Staten Island Advance 

Staten Island Advance 


Photos by: Staten Island Advance/Bill Lyons

Congratulations to Giffords Lane for winning our grand prize. Free studio time and press kit, sponsored by Moon Studios. The young band brought a great energy to the stage.
— Charlie Rock


   "flash "  Photography meetup

Description :

Photographers meet on the Snug Harbor grounds for a full tour beginning from 3:00 PM -5:00 PM, a meet up with photographer Accra Shepp and a PASS performance by Lacina Coulibaly. Networking and shooting the beautiful architecture and nature found in the 26 historic buildings, nine distinctive botanical gardens, a two-acre urban farm, and 10 acres of wetlands on a unique 83-acre, park-like campus. Using “#StoriesofStaten” and " #SOSFLASH " on their social media networks for the opportunity to have their photos featured on the blog.

Sponsored by :

Forever Live Fly & JMTMedia.

 Staten Island Advance 

Staten Island Advance 

check out the photos below from our "s.o.s flash photography meet" winner Kenneth Velazquez

Check out this article buy with amazing photos shot by Adam Smith of from the FLASH Photography Meet!!! *** Click Here ***

                                 May 14TH     |    7PM    |    Free Entry

LOCATION:                             SNUG HARBOR MUSIC HALL


Description :

The KOMC Concert concludes the 5-week long series. This concert will showcase some of Staten’s best emerging R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop artists. Each S.O.S. headliner will be performing material off of their latest and upcoming albums. Featured Artists: Christina Flemming, Mayer + DaVision, Young Lucid, Tribe Gang, and  STARDA.

Hosted by : Vonn Jackson of

Sponsored by :

 W.A.R. Media & JMTMedia

Check out photos below provided by Adam Smith of of the 2016 SOS performers!!!

 Staten Island Advance 

Staten Island Advance 

Recap   1st annual S.O.S.   Stories of Staten  2015